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Contents of Web Site

This site is mainly for storing programming syntax but is also being used as a training exercise for me to build, register and host a web site.

Source Code

This is just code examples and syntax examples to either jog my poor memory or useful bits of code that I can copy and paste to save me re-inventing the wheel

Cycling routes

I bought a good book with 25 routes in the South-East of England and wanted to create a quick lookup for these instead of using the book. It also shows me the travel time from my house, according to Google Maps.


This is for running programs created by myself. These are not mind blowing but I do hope you like them. Currently there is only a Sudoku Solver and WordFind, but more will follow.


I don't want any personal information on me to be on the internet, but it is a place for me to hold my basic CV and pictures.